Humanity in childbirth, behind bars, and beyond.

The Michigan Prison Doula Initiative is a nonprofit organization that offers non-medical pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support to individuals affected by imprisonment. We believe that an informed, evidence-based birth experience is a basic human right. Our goal is to provide comprehensive education and professional doula services, followed by post-release resources which foster agency, self-determination and stronger family relationships.


48,000 women in the US enter the prison system while they are pregnant. 



Before the birth  


   After the Birth

Prenatally, we support mothers by helping them make a birth plan, offering in-prison nutritional education, promoting mental and physical health, and building relationships through a co-mentorship process. During their delivery, we meet mothers at the hospital to provide birth coaching, massage, laboring tips, physical support, and emotional reassurance. We believe in the importance of advocacy for childbearing moms so that their voices are heard. The Michigan Prison Doula Initiative seeks to serve as a liaison between mothers, prison staff, and medical professionals.

After delivery, we stay connected with each mother to ensure the best transition from the hospital back to prison. We offer breastfeeding education, host parenting workshops, coordinate visitations, and establish long-term relationships with the mothers inside. 


Our goal is to provide support for moms who are incarcerated so that they are able to feel empowered as strong and successful women, and form healthy relationships with their children and famillies.