A moment: an expectant mother gets the news of her pregnancy from a nurse in Michigan's one women's prison.

And another moment: she walks through the slightly-open door of a classroom, her six-months-pregnant belly stretching her prison-issue navy shirt. A book of information, written with her in mind, has been placed on a chair cushion in the quiet classroom. Four other pregnant women, all in the same navy clothes, look up at her as she sits down.

And now see: she is in powerful labor in a dark and quiet room in a hospital. Her birth doula is at her side; the doula's hand rests on her low back as they talk quietly about the pressure of the just-finished contraction that brought her baby down and closer to birth. Their shared words are hushed and quiet, but what is clear is the message of the doula's presence in the room: you are not alone.

These moments tell the story of the Michigan Prison Doula Initiative (MPDI). 




The Michigan Prison Doula Initiative is a nonprofit organization that offers non-medical pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support to individuals affected by imprisonment. We believe that an informed, evidence-based birth experience is a basic human right. Our goal is to provide comprehensive education and professional doula services, followed by post-release resources to foster self-determination, agency, and stronger family relationships.



We welcome you here to learn more about MPDI's mission, ways you can support our mission through investments of time and donations, and our progress in our vision of supporting incarcerated birthing people in Michigan.


Before Birth

Prenatally, we support mothers by developing a birth plan, offering in-prison nutritional and childbirth education, promoting mental and physical health practices, and fostering positive co-mentoring relationships. During labor, we meet mothers at the hospital to provide birth coaching, massage, laboring tips, physical support, and emotional reassurance. Our goal is to bridge the expectations of birthing moms with professional medical staff in birth spaces. Each of our doulas is experienced, certified, and familiar with the hospital environment and medical staff present.

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After delivery, we remain connected with each mother to ensure the best transition from the hospital to prison re-entry. We offer breastfeeding education within the scope of prison policy directives, and continue doula services via two postpartum follow-up visits. Our collaboration with medical and prison staff seeks promote healthy birth outcomes for moms and their babies. We advocate for a humanizing birth experience that empowers mothers to foster stronger family relationships, and the ability to engage in personal growth throughout motherhood, regardless of incarceration status.

After Birth



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The Michigan Prison Doula Initiative

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