Before Birth

Prenatally, we support mothers by developing a birth plan, offering in-prison nutritional and childbirth education, promoting mental and physical health practices, and fostering positive co-mentoring relationships. During labor, we meet mothers at the hospital to provide birth coaching, massage, laboring tips, physical support, and emotional reassurance. Our goal is to bridge the expectations of birthing moms with professional medical staff in birth spaces. Each of our doulas is experienced, certified, and familiar with the hospital environment and medical staff present.

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After delivery, we remain connected with each mother to ensure the best transition from the hospital to prison re-entry. We offer breastfeeding education within the scope of prison policy directives, and continue doula services via two postpartum follow-up visits. Our collaboration with medical and prison staff seeks promote healthy birth outcomes for moms and their babies. We advocate for a humanizing birth experience that empowers mothers to foster stronger family relationships, and the ability to engage in personal growth throughout motherhood, regardless of incarceration status.

After Birth