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During the academic year, the fundraising team will be involved with planning fundraising events to raise money to support the student org and nonprofit. There will be one large event at the end of the year, as well as smaller events throughout the semester. If you are interested in securing large donations, networking with businesses, and putting on large fundraising events, this group is for you!

Grant writing

The grant writing team will focus on applying for campus-wide and student organization grants. If you have ever wanted to build you grant writing skills or learn how the grant application process works, this team will be perfect for you. This group will be focused on research, networking with donors, and ensuring the sustainability of the Prison Birth Project.

Event planning

There will be monthly public events hosted by the Prison Birth Project throughout the year that align with the mission and goals of the organization. One of the major events will be an open and sponsored doula training and certification event for anyone interested in becoming a certified doula. Other events will include seminars, social outings, recruitment events, and weekly meetings.

public relations and marketing

Since we are a new organization, we need to get our name out there and build networks in the Ann Arbor and University of Michigan community. This team will manage the social media accounts and keep everyone up to date with events that are happening on campus. They will also design education materials, respond to emails, maintain the Prison Birth Project website information, and design/create Prison Birth Project merchandise. 

doula support

This team is for the doulas in the organization! After doula trainings, it is difficult to stay up to date with new information that can help doulas be better birth assistants. This team will organize resources for the group that expands on birth techniques, labor positions, essential oils, massage, doula kit items, postpartum support, and pain-reduction tips. Every other week this group will meet to talk about their doula experience and improve their skills as trained birth assistants. This can also be a space for those who are not doulas yet to gather information before becoming trained birth doulas. Participation in this group guarantees a place in the PBP Doula Certification Course taught in the spring. 

Community Outreach & Activism

Michigan currently does not have anti-shackling laws for pregnant moms in labor. Many of the WHV policy directives pose health risks for pregnant mothers, or create situations that bring trauma for women delivering babies on the inside. This group works to address these concerns in order to introduce new laws in Michigan, and encourage anti-shackling on a national level. They also work to spread awareness throughout the community by distributing educational materials, writing articles, and gaining community support to apply reproductive justice to the prison system.